Digital strategy

International Digital Strategy for the Nordics

I can help you take your wonderful Nordic product and brand to the rest of the world, but let’s start with getting the basics right at home…

I always love talking to people about how they can make the most of digital. This could be anything from what ecommerce platform to use, to how to improve content marketing ROI. Embracing digital will help you embrace the world. 

I am well-versed in how Nordic brands can develop their brand image and sell themselves to staff, clients, and investors. I love seeing brands doing different things and staying clear of stereotypes.

  • User-advocacy & SEO strategy to help you grow in your market(s)
  • Business strategy & aligning marketing with commercial goals
  • Content marketing strategy & creating winning content teams
  • Copywriting & editorial development (English, Finnish)
  • Multilingual & international marketing for Nordic brands.

About me

Copywriter who specialises in all things digital, tech, and SEO for the Nordics. Also Finnish to English translation. Love B2B, tech and the arts.

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