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SEO as a discipline is constantly evolving. You have to have the courage to be creative and reactive, as well as understand the frameworks that underpin concepts like indexation and site performance.


Putting users first

I have seen countless businesses make the mistake of ignoring their users “because they know better”.  There is nothing wrong with having a strong creative vision and wanting to lead from the front, but without interrogating user data and delving into their needs, your content will probably miss the mark (and you’re essentially leaving money on the table).

My role as an SEO is advocating for the user and ensuring that the content you create gets seen by the right people. In a smaller market like Finland, there are plenty of opportunities for leveraging search in a creative and user-friendly way.

SEO credentials & areas of interest

Here are the sorts of projects I work on and like to take on:
  • SEO transformation projects
  • User-led content strategies
  • Validating content from a search perspective 
  • SEO as part of wider digital and tech transformation projects
  • SEO team formation, management & leadership
  • SEO advocacy at board-level, developer SEO advocacy
  • SEO training, especially content creators 
  • Working on multilingual content strategies
  • Nordic SEO.

What does working with me look like?

It depends 😉

I can work on a project, retainer, or consultancy basis. I operate on a range of pricing models, but the average project size is usually 2-4 K. 

About me

Copywriter who specialises in all things digital, tech, and SEO for the Nordics. Also Finnish to English translation. Love B2B, tech and the arts.

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