How To Write When You Don’t Want To Write

If you are struggling to find the will to write….. Try the following:
  1. Turn your screen off for a second and go for a walk around the room
  2. Make yourself a hot or cold drink
  3. Visit the manatees, or any other funny site you like
  4. Spend ten minutes (and only TEN) on Twitter or Facebook
  5. Talk to someone about your work (in person is the best)
  6. Choose some pictures or videos for the post
Most importantly…. Address your mindset Why are you not feeling like writing? Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Is the brief too hard? Are you emotionally tired? Do you not feel adequate? Get to the bottom of what’s niggling you… Breathe deep. AND GET ON WITH IT Be grateful for your work You’ll feel better once you start. There are some days where there are no easy answers.

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