What I’m Reading Right Now: May 2016

So I managed to squeeze in a bit of holiday this month…and a few books! Here’s what the month of May brought to me literature wise- a mixture of work and pleasure.

Lips Too Chilled by Matsuo Basho

This is one I have re-read a few times. It’s a collection of 17th century haikus from Basho and they are so beautiful!! I love reading them at my desk, when I am feeling a little uninspired for example. Haikus are great poetic masterpieces that manage to condense so much thought, emotion, feeling and language into finite syllables. Phrases like “blossom-viewing” (p. 22), “rice ball” (p.11) and “moon-viewing” (p. 42) take you to another place. Highly recommended reading for the soul. Get it on Amazon.

Howards End by E.M.Forster

A powerful depiction of love, life, and social class in early 20th century London. This book was a ‘classic’ I felt I had missed out on. What I didn’t expect to find were a handful of absolutely brilliant, powerful, and true statements about life and love! I love it when a book that deals with issues far removed from our own like suffrage, or Victorian moral codes, makes pronouncements that still ring true today. The fates in this book are very much decided by social class, yet there is a breath of modernity in Forster’s treatment of women and the urban environment. A very engaging heroine takes you through to the end, which offers a few surprises.  A great swansong to a London we no longer know. Get it on Amazon.

The Infinities by John Banville

A book plucked at random from my mother’s bookshelf- this one is a riot to read! Laughing out loud is a side effect of this darkly comic tale of a dying man and his family. The mourning house is visited by Greek gods who provide an interesting perspective on the whole complex business of dying. What’s best about this book is its absolutely uncompromising portrayal of human behaviour when faced with tragedy, joy, and sex. Made me want to hunt down other Banville books. Get it on Amazon.

Brilliant Copywriting by Roger Horberry

I love the “Brilliant” series, and this one is no exception. Horberry has a really great way of making the craft of copywriting clear in a hugely inspiring read. I bought this book a long time ago , and it took my awhile to finish, as I was stopping every now and then to really take it in. Definitely a must-read for any budding copywriter! I love the actionable tips and the interviews at the end are full of words of wisdoms from wordsmiths. I found myself feeling very moved and inspired by the end of this book, and I love a professional book that can make you feel like that. Get it on Amazon.

Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works by Janice (Ginny) Redish

This 2nd edition from 2012 is a really thorough book on web content. Full of real life examples from Redish, this book is packed with case studies and copy examples from across the board. Covering conversions, audience, SEO, user experience, jargon, and many other key digital copywriting issues; I found this book hugely useful and would imagine anyone writing online would too. The way that Redish breaks points down makes this book hugely accessible and there is definitely an evergreen angle to a lot of her advice. Get it on Amazon. **this post contains Amazon affiliate links which have not impacted the copy or the review given.

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