The Pains & Joys Of Writing

Writing is wonderful… but it can also be bloody hard!  

Why is it so hard to say what you mean

Accuracy in copywriting is paramount, but when writing a lot it can suddenly (weirdly) become very hard to actually write what you mean. Just this morning I had the experience of trying to create a clear and succinct sentence that conveyed all the nuances of the issue at hand. I felt like I was going back and forth on a nauseating copywriting seesaw.

Sometimes something that should be so simple (just saying what you mean) is suddenly the hardest thing.

Common copywriting challenges

Expressing yourself clearly is definitely one of the key challenges that copywriters face in our day-to-day.

Oh, the pains and joys of writing for a living!

Here are some other common challenges I face when writing:

  1. How to squash 1-2 paragraphs of ideas into one simple sentence?
  2. How do you know what to cut… and when?
  3. How to lose what you can lose without losing anything essential?
  4. How to engage your reader without pushing them away with offbeat humour?
  5. How to be playful with your writing without being annoying?
  6. How to faithfully translate a sentence filled with cultural nuance?
  7. How to make your writing more beautiful?
  8. How to make a corporate piece sound more genuine and casual, but not too try-hard?
  9. How to select the essential points from seven pages of notes?
  10. How to deliver to a deadline without getting stressed?
  11. How to approach your copy with compassion?
  12. How to create copy that will work across different use cases and platforms?
  13. How to get clients to appreciate the importance of good copywriting?
  14. How to edit your own work?
  15. How to balance ‘correctness’ and grammar with flair and style?
  16. How to explain the nuances of the stylistic choices you’ve made?
  17. How to speed up your copywriting research time?

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