Annoying Marketing Trend: Sales Emails ‘Disguised’ As Research

Is it just me, or do these over-the-top emails that pretend to be about market research (but are actually about selling you something), annoying?   I can’t be alone in finding fake market research and other forms of ‘fake’ ways to get your attention as a marketing ploy frustrating. If you want something, be upfront about it. Don’t start a relationship under one premise and then rapidly try to shift gears.

Why ‘fake’ market research sucks

Here is why you should think twice before considering this sales outreach tactic:
  1. It undermines real market research
  2. Taking up people’s time is OK, but do it well, do it for the right reasons, and do it with class
  3. It’s quite easy to see through the fakeness
  4. It undermines your personal brand
  5. It probably won’t bring many positive results.
(And by the way, I don’t mind somebody using an event, a piece of content, or anything else like that as a way to create a relationship. I understand the need to reach out).

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