Why Finnish Companies Need to Invest in SEO

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Why invest in SEO? Companies in Finland are in a great position right now when it comes to investing in search as a marketing and growth channel. Not convinced? Here are some good reasons for investing in SEO for your business.

Reaching global markets 

Many Finnish companies are seeking international opportunities right now. In order to expand your horizons and reach international markets, you need to have the right sort of web presence and convincing content that will resonate with a savvy global audience. That is where search comes in: use SEO to expand your reach and compete in global markets. I have seen it work really well as an entry point for some growing Finnish brands, so don’t be shy about creating web pages in English or other languages. In fact, I would suggest that you always include some content in other languages!

Search opportunities in Finland

Finland is not a completely untapped resource when it comes to search; there is some great SEO that goes on here, but there are also ways that you can leverage Finland’s content marketing market to your advantage. Especially in some newer niches, tapping into search in Finland and in Finnish can be a great way to corner the market fast as there is not as much competition in Finland as in some other more crowded markets. Creating high-quality and search-friendly content in Finland will usually be rewarded with rankings.

Long-term benefits

SEO as a channel has great ROI. See SEO as a solid marketing investment and your commitment to a website that will stand the test of time: once you get a keyword or own a niche, your search efforts will generally keep generating traffic without you having to do too much to maintain it. Rather than just chasing short-term marketing goals, use SEO to help you create a solid digital baseline.

User advocacy & research

SEO is largely about satisfying the user, and investing in SEO will generally help you create more accessible content. See SEO as part of a holistic whole when it comes to your marketing and use it as a powerful user, customer, and market research tool. Use SEO in order to interrogate and investigate your market on a deeper level.

SEO as part of your technical roadmap

By giving SEO a seat at the table, you will ensure that your technical roadmap is more lean. Rather than having to pull things apart at a later date and “put SEO back in”, get SEO involved in the early stages of the tech or development funnel to ensure clever use of funds and development resource. Most of the time factoring in SEO into your tech or software products will help add considerable value.

Maximise your digital potential

SEO helps you better manage your content and website management budget: if you’re not properly maintaining your website and creating content for your users and SEO, who are you doing it for? Don’t let your website become an irrelevant internal dinosaur.

SEO and your content investment

My colleague Veera wrote a blog with four great reasons why SEO is such a useful content ally: it essentially boils down to helping you create content that will be discovered and that will serve a clear purpose. Use SEO to help you structure your content product efforts and create a framework for your content strategy.

Shifting sales funnels

Modern sales funnels require users to gather information and self-serve before they buy: this is where SEO can be your friend. Use SEO-led content to educate and support your users as they move down the sales funnel.

Starting with an SEO strategy doesn’t need to be a huge investment at first: you can start small and pick out the things that are most pertinent to you. Send me a message if you’re a Finnish brand struggling to make SEO work for you, always happy to bat ideas back and forth!

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