Tools I Like to Use at Work – My Favourite Tools RN

Whether it’s consulting, digital marketing, writing, or generally running a business, here are some tools that have helped me stay organised, or just plain inspired me. Some of these I use daily, others I have dipped into. Will keep adding to the list!

Remember the Milk

My go-to list organiser app. Bonus points for the ability to create different lists on the free plan. Subtasks are a premium feature, but I use comments instead. Nothing (almost) happens in my life if it’s not on here.


Not a perfect tool by any means, but is great for staying on top of tasks in collaborative environments. Asana is what you make of it, but things can get lost on here.


Find this PM tool useful for more visual projects.


Still feel like boards are a great way to communicate visual styles and moods.


Great way to sort lists of URLs into organised tabs. Great way of sharing options when online shopping, travelling etc.


Simple way to get ideas and tasks out of my head.

Hemingway app

Oldie but goldie. This writing app is always a joy to return to.

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