14 GIFs About Content Marketing

Because, why the GIF not?  
When someone FINALLY opens your email… via GIPHY It feels GOOD. Now… ANSWER IT.
The new client website is finally live and it’s BEAUTIFUL and all your dreams have come true via GIPHY Now I can finally show people who I work for
When you see a tweet that hits home in an awkward way via GIPHY No. Never. Me? Nah. Actually.. Maybe. A Little. Yes.
When you go networking during deadline week via GIPHY I WRITE CONTENT, OK!? ANY QUESTIONS? NO? GREAT! PASS ME THE SALAD SUSAN.
When the client sh*ts all over your creative ideas via GIPHY Sure, we can just do that instead. It’s not like you pay me for this.
When colleagues keep interrupting you during WRITING TIME via GIPHY I SAID, SHUT UP!!
People DO like my emails via GIPHY Maybe I’m not going to Hell after all…
Celebrating signing on a new client via GIPHY Ahhh yessssss
When more than 3 people retweet you via GIPHY I went #viral
When someone cool auto DMs you via GIPHY I thought you were cool, man!
Reading someone’s crappy sales pitch on LinkedIn via GIPHY I’m sorry: do I know you?
Those ‘creative’ meetings that you charge $$$ for via GIPHY We make pretty pictures and words. Now, pay me.
Your blog’s publishing schedule via GIPHY Let me just uhm
How the world feels about your infographic via GIPHY Don’t send me that sh*t please.

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