#1 Hack When You’re Too Busy To Create Content

Does your business need to create content but you’re all too busy to do so?

Top tip: interview people! A 30-minute interview with your CTO, PM, COO, PA, etc WILL 100% yield some valuable content.

Ask the right questions and you could easily have four or five epic blogs (complete with amazing quotes) done in no time.

(I am working on a 30-minute CTO interview script right now that is going to end up as a series of microblogs and has already sparked a tonne of new content ideas).

Speaking directly to the experts and the people on the ground is one of the best ways to do content marketing for your brand or business.

Why interviews are such a great copywriting hack?

  • Interviews save time and give stakeholders and executives a chance to quickly and efficiently participate in content marketing.
  • Interviews allow junior copywriters and content marketers to make a big impact quickly.
  • People like to read people stories and interviews are also popular with the media and industry publications.
  • Interviews are easy to record, making transcription and copywriting easier to execute and delegate.
  • In niches where some of the topics and ideas can be hard to grasp, an interview is a brilliant way to break complex topics down.
  • Interviews are easy to ‘sell’ to people and are a great way to get more people involved in your content (why not interview clients or suppliers, for example?).
  • Interviewing is really rewarding and can help boost your employer brand (both internally and externally).

Interviews are easy to set up, execute, and promote. Factor in 2-3 interviews every couple of months and your blogging and content strategy will thank you!

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