Why It Pays To Be Playful With Your Copywriting

When was the last time you were playful with words? I love finding playful moments that break up more ‘serious’ copy. They often make me smile (and keep me reading). Chances are, your readers will feel the same way. Loosening up your copy may feel like a risk at first, but those playful moments are probably the only ones a reader will remember. Playful copywriting will help you engage your audience, and it’s also a great way to switch tone and let readers know something cool is about to happen. In a nutshell: being playful in your copy pays off: it makes you more memorable. Even in B2B or more ‘dry’ contexts, playfulness is appreciated, so don’t be afraid! (Remember, you can be playful with language and structure, not the subject matter).

Tips for playful copywriting to spice up your content

  • Start off by using things like metaphor, alliteration, and puns.
  • Don’t overdo it, but start playing around as you go. One good way to be more playful is to have multiple headline and tagline options that range from adventurous to descriptive.
  • You will want to probably remove a lot of playful moments when you edit, leaving only a few ones in your final copy.
  • Good playful copy isn’t actually often the result of spontaneity, more like the result of lots of ideas and judicious editing.
  • Playful copy tends to grab people’s attention so it’s good to use playful phrases in headings and other prominent elements.
You have to start experimenting with playfulness for this to work as it takes a lot of effort to pull this off elegantly (but it’s worth it).

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