Be On The Same Journey: The One Thing I Learned About People In Agencies

OK, so it is not the only thing I learned about people from running my own agency, but it’s certainly one of the more resonating ones. Thanks to Peter Hoole for first introducing me to this idea a few years back. As an agency, you all have to be on the same journey. Why does being on the same journey as your team matter so much?
  1. You can’t love where there is no alignment (and you need love)
  2. You can’t grow without a path.
If someone is not ‘there’ with you, then you have to start asking some tough questions. Did you lose them along the way? Have you been supporting them enough? Are they taking a slightly different path to the agency? As leaders, we can’t afford to be afraid of change.

Advice for agency owners

  1. Find your journey
  2. Communicate it (CLEARLY)
  3. Ask your team what their journey is
  4. Make sure their journey aligns with yours
  5. Listen to your team: maybe they know best?
  6. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations if people and the agency start to grow apart.

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