Not Everyone Posts On Social Media (& You Don’t Need To Either)

A lot of people give off a successful aura because they post on social media a lot, or they frequently (openly) shout about their wins and achievements. For many, that is the point. Their whole strategy is to be present on social. And that’s totally cool. (You need to be a great communicator and community builder to nail social: it’s a lot of hard work). I am not denying the genuine delight and joy that social media can offer. As a woman, I know the importance of supportive social communities where women can share wins. But there are also lots of people who are NOT vocal on social media about their successes for a wide range of reasons, and that is also OK. They might be killing it, but they are not talking about it. Maybe some of these people will come out retrospectively to share their story, or maybe they never will. Maybe nobody else will amplify them, or they simply don’t want to (or can’t) share what they’re doing right now. Maybe they just simply don’t ‘do’ social’. (I know people who actively avoid it despite working in digital marketing). I just wanted to put this out there as I personally know and admire a lot of people who never post on social or amplify themselves. Success can be a feeling and a mindset as much as it is a social metric. Don’t feel pressured to do something just because you feel you ‘should’.

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