Thank Your Creatives

Do you know what the best feeling is? When a brief you put out or a campaign idea comes back from the creative and it’s just🔥
  • … and you’re just so happy it’s finally happening and you want to email the client right away and be like GO US 🥳
  • … and you’re all like GO ME (but actually a lot of it is down to the creative who delivered on this for you).
It got me thinking about the importance of saying thank you and praising creative work when it’s done right. (Side note: also, the importance of paying for creative work in such a way that reflects its centrality – especially ensuring that young creatives get fair compensation). I know this is not always the case in the agency game… but it feels SO good when it works!! And there are lots of posts and memes and moans about how awful creative work and nailing creative briefs can be, but not enough about how magical it can be as well. Yes, the whole process of ideation, creation, and iteration can be deeply frustrating, but it can also be an enlightening, even pleasurable, experience. THANK YOUR CREATIVES, THEY MAKE MAGIC WITH THE THINGS WE ASK THEM TO DO ❤️

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